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How the Internet of Things Benefits Event Management

Posted by Monica on Jun 24, 2016 3:39:59 PM

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There's an event app to cover almost each and every facet of the event lifecycle, and assisting technologies - like beacons, RFID readers, and so on - to further collect and crunch numbers and data for more efficiency. Data reporting, for example, is one such feature boosted by the Internet of Things that is key to determining current event efforts, and is an essential player in developing strategies for future events.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing event technologies from check-in to attendee tracking, cashless payments, and more. The "things" comprise everything from hardware, to software, to service, smart remotes and devices, cloud computing, data, mobile, visual, virtual, digital.

But what is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how does it affect the events industry? Here are five benefits that the IoT has for event management and beyond.


The IoT helps event professionals gather the numbers they need without affecting event flow. Tools like lead retrieval are making human transactions faster, smarter, and are providing real-time numbers along with essential data to better event experiences (and connecting) in the future. 


The IoT doesn't only offer an easier means to digitally connecting, but establishes an emotional rapport between the brand product, or event theme with the attendee. The IoT facilitates networking, fosters partnerships, and creates an interconnectedness between devices and only further enhances face-to-face interaction.


Attendees are looking to get more out of an event than simply taking the day to attend; they're looking for an experience. Providing them with a chance for interactive participation at events will have a ripple effect that will extend well beyond post-event hours, like promoting event marketing efforts via WOM marketing.


Digital, shareable, communicable, and whatever goal an event aims to achieve, providing innovative technologies at events is inspiring. It presents a WOW factor and introduces something new and different to attendees. (Corbin Ball has some great examples of these event technologies making waves at events.)


Thanks to the collection of data, the emphasis on connecting, and encourages productivity among all parties involved. Moreover, it better manages attendees in terms of tracking and preventing crowds, as well as streamlines tasks for the event staff. Event operations can then dedicate their time and energy to other event processes, bettering the experience for attendees.  

From event entertainment to event design, apps, tracking, and all the inbetween, the IoT is directing event technology towards the future. Bringing connectivity to every day objects, the Internet of Things combines the experiential, the digital, the innovative, and beyond to amplify the user experience. This video via BizBash gives a condensed presentation of how the IoT is affecting the events community:


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