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How Integrations Are Leading the Way to Better Events

Posted by Monica on Sep 16, 2016 12:24:54 PM

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It’s no secret that event professionals have become keen on being more tech-savvy, now organizing and implementing mobile and digital strategies into their online and offline efforts more than ever before. Integration platforms are no longer something of interest but rather a necessity to enhance events.

In the Event Manager Blog’s #backtotech trends review, the most current research in 2016 showed that one in four event professionals expected an integration between event apps and registration platforms, along with these other results:


Event technology evangelist Corbin Ball has been on top of this trend, noting that mobile event apps are now standard and widely adopted: 85% of planners surveyed from MPI use event apps, a surge from 9% in 2011.

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What once was trending is now a deal-breaker

Apart from being one of the most predicted trends, integrations are now a dream-made-innovative-reality. For event professionals, it is “the ultimate way” to use their preferred platforms, and these integrations are more than an easier way to use event technology and reduce paper at event. Integrations not only provide a better process to collect and allocate event data, but allow for more efficient management of that data. Serving as a supportive resource, they define insight as to how event professionals can improve the attendee experience -- and events as we know them.

The powerful effect integrations have on events is also why Boomset has built five integrations into their platform, with several in the works. 

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Communication + Coordination + Cooperation

Integrations allow mobile apps to work together, allowing each to specialize in their trade without having users scrambling from one application to another in an attempt to piece data together. Leveraging apps that interact with each other amplifies the entire mobile technology field, offering more opportunities for productivity and event success for various members of the planning and production process. This reduces the amount of time, energy, and budget that users from various backgrounds -- marketers, IT specialists, on-site event staff and attendees -- would generally spend trying to coordinate with one another.

Data is King

Moreover, talks of Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable technologies and so on, is not a question of trends but an integral part of events that event professionals need to become educated in. Stress associated with this process is lessened significantly thanks to emerging integrations which connect event data across apps in an easier, more modular flow, keeping sales and marketing teams in sync by filling the communication gap.


It’s also particularly interesting to note the growing interest integrations have generated in the marketing industry. Boomset works with marketing departments and teams to reach certain objectives in their event planning and production, such as:

  • Promoting new products and services in an innovative and efficient manner
  • Determine targeted “event demographics” via data collection, like where attendees go the most, how much time do they spend at a particular event and/or session, etc.
  • Custom branding on event extras, like iPad kiosks at check-in or session schedulers, flexible name badge layout and design options, etc. to further reinforce marketing efforts on the event floor.

Paying it forward

Event registration and ticketing becomes a well-run series of services for check-in, on-site badge printing, lead retrieval (and more), thus presenting a more streamlined experience to attendees and bringing the collected data from attendees and exhibitors online without disrupting offline engagement during the events. An integration platform houses this data not to present numbers, facts, and figures of event ROI, but an intuitive platform of actionable intelligence that professionals can easily use to fundamentally transform their events.

Amplifying Engagement

It’s been established that integrated softwares save effort, budget, and most valuable in this industry: time. This collaborative approach between integrated softwares means time is better allocated to nurturing interpersonal relationships, truly committing to building and developing strong foundations.

  • Event production teams ← → Staff
  • Vendors/Exhibitors  ← → Attendees
  • Attendees  ← →  Attendees
  • Attendee trends ← → Event production teams

Integrations better meet individual needs and perform in a way that offers a more holistic view of the ROI potential of an event -- without having the costly burden of custom-coding an app for the event or keep tabs on a handful of varying technologies and services.

Concluding thoughts

The more achievements and flexibility among integration technologies, the more comprehensive the overall view of events becomes, allowing event professionals to discover new ways to bring excitement to their events,

Easy connection, smart data collection, and a more targeted post-event follow-up is just the beginning.

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