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3 Important Elements of a Successful Corporate Event

Posted by Guest Author on Jul 27, 2018 4:08:00 PM

successful corporate event planningPhoto by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Not all events are created equal, and that goes especially for corporate events. They have a different tone about them and often require extra steps or tasks that comply with the organization's norms.

Organizing a satisfactory corporate event depends on a combination of many factors. However, three particularly important elements can seriously determine the success or failure of any event. Read below to get a better idea of what they are and how you can plan for success when it comes to organizing your own corporate events.

1. Goals and Planning

Planning should start as early as possible. Make sure you begin with a clear vision of the goals for your event. Start planning how you will fulfill those goals; the more time you allow for planning, the more likely your event will be a success. You can use the following checklist or one of your own to make sure you have covered every aspect of the event.

  • Date – Fixing the date should be one of your top priorities. Make sure that it does not coincide with a holiday or another large or similar event that could make transportation and lodging difficult.
  • Speakers – Choosing guest speakers should also be a high priority to ensure that you can book them for your chosen date. Make sure to organize any payment, transportation, and lodging ahead of time.
  • Activities – Break down the event into individual timeframes. You will probably start with a short introduction, followed by workshops or exhibitions. Your speakers can then present their lecture before breaking for lunch and more presentations can take place in the afternoon. There should also be a closing statement and an after-event party to finish the day. Break down each of these into smaller, more exact programming to ensure that everything flows smoothly and on schedule.
  • On-site advertising – Make sure to give your company name and logo the best publicity possible. Prepare banners, posters, catalogs, flyers, and brochures and ask your speakers and presenters to mention the company frequently. You can even add it to your event entry!
  • Sponsors – Discuss with your corporate sponsor or sponsors what they want in return for their backing.
  • Participants – Cap the maximum number of attendees so that you can choose and prepare sufficient facilities. Consider the fields that will display on the event credentials so when printing name badges on-site, readability and communication are easier.
2. The Right Technology

Consult with your speakers and presenters about what technological resources they will need for their deliveries. Check what technology your chosen venue offers to make sure that it meets your needs. Some of the basic technical requirements for a successful conference include:

  • Guest check-in and tracking – Use automated event software like Boomset to optimize your guest check-in experience, which is one of the first chances for your event to create a positive first impression. Let them move from entry and tracking their participation on the event floor in the most seamless experience.
  • Telepresence – This includes high-definition videos and good-quality audio with interactive elements so that people who are not physically present can contribute. A large projection screen and built-in microphones are essential. If you record your conference for live viewing or for later sales and downloading, your audience can be greatly increased.
  • Wireless connectivity – A good signal and optimal bandwidth will allow your participant’s computers and smartphones to function correctly – check with your venue as to whether there is a maximum limit on mobile users in the area. Fast data transfer will be vital if using webcasting, streaming video, remote presentations, conference apps, and social media.
3. Choosing a venue

Finding the right location is probably the single most important factor that will make your conference a success. Consider these points to help you to decide.

  • Size and ambiance – Whether you choose a large modern venue option or a smaller iconic building, be sure it has the room and facilities you require.
  • Accessibility and parking – Make sure that your chosen venue is easy to get to and can offer sufficient parking and easy access to public transport for your participants.
  • Accommodation – Some venues are situated within large hotel complexes where your participants can stay. Make sure there are enough rooms available. If not, enquire where they would recommend and arrange private transport for your participants.
  • Food and drink – Check if your venue has facilities to provide food and drink. If you are going to serve refreshments, decide how much you will provide: buffets, sit-down meals, and snacks will require different budget allowances. Check whether alcohol will be provided and if you can provide for guests with specific dietary needs. If the venue does not offer refreshments but allows for catering within the building, contract a reliable local catering service who can fulfill your requirements.

As with any event, understanding your event purpose is what will bring the above-mentioned key points together in perfect harmony. As always, keep the experience engaging and interesting while thinking of ways and additional elements that align with your event goals and can impress your corporate guests.

Guest Author: Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer from Dunedin, New Zealand who especially enjoys discussing business, career, and lifestyle topics. One of her major goals is to inspire business owners and employees through her writing. You can explore more of Cloe’s articles on her Tumblr page.

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